An Exclusive Social networking for Students, Professionals, Startups and Companies through Skill Development, which tends to overall growth for career and business.

Benefits -
  • Members can share their ideas, thoughts, Innovation.
  • SkillJo is what’s happening in the world for Skills, Jobs and what people are talking about right now. Join the conversation.
  • Get updated with the Latest Skills.
  • One should get Re-skill to stay in the competition.
  • Can reach to the Company HR.
  • Skills prevail over Degree of Certificates.
  • Showcase your Skill, Knowledge & Attitude to Companies and Startups.
  • Apply for Internship, Live Projects with Startups & Companies.
  • Highlights -
  • Post a feed to let the world know what’s do you want
  • Member can Search and Follow other members, and can get Followed by others.
  • Can Post their feeds with images.
  • Likes for other member's post and also comment on them.
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