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Eligibility: Any Degree. Both Freshers / Experienced

Your responsibilities:

You will be part of a dynamic team, being in charge of the development and enhancement of innovative emerging technologies.

– Project management using Agile-Scrum.

– Flexible development with continuous integration.

– Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including product & design.

- Updating and improving existing software systems.

- Staying updated with industry trends, technologies, and best practices.

- Participating and providing feedback during code reviews.

We offer:

The chance to work in a fast-moving, challenging but informal work environment with Startup.

– Semi-flexible work schedule.

– Opportunity for profit share or share options for high performers.

– Opportunities for professional growth and career advancement.

Flutter Developer


Code Quality: Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code while following best practices & coding standards.

Testing & Debugging: Conduct unit & integration testing to ensure the app functions smoothly & efficiently.

Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including product managers & backend developers, to deliver features on time.

Performance Optimization: Identify & resolve performance issues to enhance application responsiveness & stability.

Documentation:Maintain clear documentation of application development processes & updates.

Full Stack Dev


App Development: Design, develop, & maintain web applications using modern frameworks & technologies.

Front-End: Create responsive & visually appealing UI using HTML, CSS, & js frameworks (e.g., React, or Vue.js).

Back-End: Develop server-side logic, APIs, & database management using technologies like Node.js, Codeigniter, Python, or Laravel.

Database Management: Design & implement databases to store & manage application data efficiently.

Collaboration: Work closely with product managers, designers, & other developers to ensure high-quality project delivery.

Social Media Marketer


Content Creation: Develop & curate engaging content, including posts, images, & videos.

Strategy Development: Create & execute smm strategies aligned with business goals & target audience.

Community Engagement: Monitor, respond to, and engage with followers across social media channels to build a strong online community.

Performance Analysis:Track & analyze social media metrics, providing insights to optimize future campaigns.

Advertising Management: Manage paid smm campaigns, including budgeting, targeting, & performance analysis.

Content Creators


Content Creation: Develop & share original posts, videos, & stories that promote our products & brand values.

Brand Partnerships: Collaborate with marketing to execute campaigns, including sponsored content & product reviews.

Audience Engagement: Engage with followers by responding to comments & messages.

Trend Monitoring: Stay updated on industry trends to tailor content for maximum engagement.

Analytics Tracking: Monitor performance metrics & adjust strategies to optimize reach.

Event Participation: Attend events & product launches to promote the brand.

Cross-Promotion: Work with other influencers or brands to expand visibility.

Business Development


Lead Generation: Identify and qualify new business opportunities through research, networking & cold outreach.

Client Engagement: Build and maintain relationships with potential clients, understanding their needs & presenting suitable solutions.

Market Analysis: Conduct market research to identify trends, competitive landscape & potential areas for growth.

Sales Strategy: Collaborate with the sales team to develop & implement effective sales strategies & proposals.

Performance Tracking: Monitor sales metrics and prepare reports on business development activities & outcomes.

Collaboration: Work closely with marketing and product teams to align strategies & enhance service offerings.