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Salesforce serves as a backbone for its clients, and empowers small business owners to run their businesses faster and smarter. Every detail about every client is accessible from any computer with Internet access, including mobile devices. Employee interactions can be logged in the Salesforce system, providing a clear map that shows how each business relationship got to its current point.

Businesses that use Salesforce are more likely to operate as a team than as separate individuals. By using Salesforce to create a centralized database and information hub, small businesses are able to work more efficiently. Employees can build on the work their colleagues have already put in when developing client relationships. Salesforce is an especially useful tool for eliminating redundancy among companies with more than five employees and maintaining knowledge about accounts and contacts when people leave a company as all the data is maintained in the cloud.

Salesforce.com pointed to a recent report from Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), which predicted the market for cloud-based enterprise apps will grow by 206% to £2.6 billion by 2018. It predicted that the number of developers working on cloud-based enterprise apps will grown 159% over the next five years. Talk to CloudEye Technologies (CeT) to learn how we can help accelerate your Salesforce business and technology at sales@cloudeyetech.com
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